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My mission is to help women feel
Strong, Confident, and Nourished-
Body and Mind!

Hey Ladies! All the Ladies.....

Are you:

 A health conscious woman who values her health, who takes supplements and vitamins, eats clean, and enjoys a functional medicine approach to manage health?

Having to go to the bathroom constantly to prevent accidents ​or choosing to stay home in fear of needing a nearby bathroom?

 Dealing with pelvic pain, vaginal dryness or pain with sex?

Unsure of where to start in getting back to being active after having a baby?

Looking for a holistic approach to managing your Endometriosis?

Or if you are ready to get started  now?

Our Process

Step One


Helping You Understand Your Problem

We take a holistic approach to dig deep and get to the root cause of your problem. We discuss your most concerning problem, what could be contributing to it, and get started with the healing process.

Step Two


Building A Plan With You For Your Specific Problem

We work with you to put together a plan that works with your lifestyle and will help you reach your goals.

We fine tune the steps you need to take based on your input and our expertise. We connect you with our network of providers that may be able to help.

Step Three




Once you are feeling better, we give you the tools to move forward and take control of the issue and keep it from returning.You will go forward feeling confident and empowered! 

Only Low Pressure Fitness Trainer in SC
Physical Therapist/Founder
Tracey Manasco, MSPT, LPF-L1


Tracey is the founder of Elevated Physical Therapy. She created Elevated PT after finding an unmet need for pelvic floor physical therapists in Charleston while on her own journey with endometriosis. 

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