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The fatigue and pain that come with Endo can make you feel that you can never reach the goals you have in your life. I feel you! You have BIG goals and DREAMS and right when you see momentum towards those goals, your Endo flares up and halts your progress. You have to start all over again. You see other people doing the things you want to do. You do research online and  end up doing nothing or "all the things" and aren't sure what works and what doesn't. Frankly it is OVERWHELMING! 

Truth is, we are all different.

We are all "endoviduals" on our own unique healing journey. There is not a one size fits all approach to healing the symptoms of endometriosis. That is why it is important to work one on one with someone who can guide tailor a program to your needs. 

Start your EndoVidual journey today with a free consultation call with me.

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Health Coaching for Endometriosis-

Your EndoVidual Plan

The EndoVidual™ Health Coaching Program is a 3 month, one on one coaching plan that helps you to TAKE CHARGE of your endometriosis healing journey with support and accountability from your coach. 


Our work together begins with hearing your story in a free 1 hour phone consultation. Here we will discuss the number one thing you feel is holding you back from an optimal life. What are your goals? In what areas of life are you held back by your symptoms?


Then we will begin your 12 week program. Each session is 1 hour, takes place every week, and is one on one either via Zoom or phone call. I will send you a link to schedule your appointments online. 


This program will help you to:


  • Take back your health and feel empowered taking the lead in your healing journey

  • Recognize, listen to, and trust your body knowledge 

  • Let go of fear around disease-based medical models and embrace a woman centered approach to healing

  • Reduce brain fog to improve clarity, focus, and concentration

  • Learn about and improve your gut health to reduce bloating, inflammation, and digestion issues

  • Work on healing the relationship with your body so you can trust and love it again

  • Bathe yourself in safety signals to decrease overall stress levels

  • Improve sleep quality and duration

  • Resolve hormone imbalances and improve stability of menstrual cycle

  • Decrease the overwhelm of battling a chronic illness

  • Get to the ROOT Cause of your problem instead of just treating the symptoms

  • Learn about what lab work you may need and how to interpret what to do next.

  • Look into what you are currently doing and what is working and not working for you


Chronic health problems are keeping women from achieving their best lives. 


You’re here because you know there is a better way. You want to use a more integrative and holistic approach but feel overwhelmed by all the information out there that often contradicts itself. All of the work I do is research based and in the realm of functional medicine. 


The body is not a collection of separate parts. It is a whole, beautifully designed organism. Optimal health takes a multifactorial approach, taking all systems into consideration. 


In this 12 week program we will address the following:


  • Nutrition, gut health/digestion

  • Sleep quality and quantity

  • Hormone Balance

  • Fatigue issues

  • Inflammation

  • Stress Management

  • Blood Sugar Stability

  • Sleep Hygiene

  • Exercise and Movement 

  • Adrenal System 

  • Anxiety, Depression

  • Pain

  • Preparation and recovery for surgery- if indicated

  • Treatment options- medical and alternative

“How do you beat a chronic and systemic disease process once it has been set in motion? By setting in motion another (healing) process that is equally chronic and equally systemic.” 

Beating Endo

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